10 inches of…Dave Forrest (Bradford)

Dave presents The Breakfast Show at Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB) Radio on Wednesdays, with light-hearted banter as a gentle introduction to the morning. He works at the Bradford Volunteer Centre, which matches over 8,000 people with exciting volunteer roles – such as broadcasting – every year!

Dave first started at BCB in 2006, when he began presenting the Equity Show. We caught up with Dave so that we could get his 10 inches…

1. Describe yourself in three words:

DF) Cropped, black-eyed, short-arse

2. Love of your life?

DF) Chocolate

3. What’s your typical Saturday night?

DF) A night on the town, usually some theatricals.

4. Best ever moment?

DF) Passing my motorbike bike test.

5. Describe your sexuality:

DF) Gay.

6. What’s the best thing about your body?

DF) My chunky legs!

7. Holiday Hell?

DF) Barge holidays.

8. Holiday Heaven?

DF) Barge holidays.

9. What’s hot?

DF) Double chocolate fair trade cake from the Co-Op.

10. What’s not?

DF) Grey cardigans, even if they are this season!

Quick-fire round…

QF1. Summer or Winter?

DF) Summer (the days get longer and longer!).

QF2. Monogamy or promiscuity?

DF) Monogamy.

QF3. Dogs or Cats?

DF) Neither.

QF4. TV or Radio?

DF) Radio (of course!).

QF5. Home or Hotel?

DF) Hotel.

QF6. Night or day?

DF) Night.

The Equity Radio Show is on Sunday 26th November at 1 pm on 106.6fm or www.bcbradio.co.uk

*This article first appeared in Issue 125 of “Yorkshire’s monthly queer paper” SHOUT! by Mark Michalowski in November 2006.