10 inches of…Miss Sordid Secret (Drag Queen)

Miss Sordid Secret is the Quiz Mistress at The New Union in #gaywakefield, we caught up with her to get her 10 inches…

1) Describe yourself in 3 words:

SS) Profound, strenuous, chic.

2) Love of your life?

SS) Chav porn!

3) Your typical Saturday night?

SS) An hour and a half playing with brushes and powders, attack my self with bling, and then strut my stuff at The New Union, entertaining all of our lovely boys, girls and breeders!

4) Best ever moment?

SS) If you cap your best moment then you’re bound to miss out on the next one! Always strive for more!

5) Describe your sexuality:

SS) My sexuality is very sexual, so sexual I keep it in a jar at home between my pickled eggs and my spare vagina.

6) The best thing about your body?

SS) How versatile it is – or can be!

7) Holiday Hell?

SS) The countryside: it should be covered in tarmac and built on.

8) Holiday Heaven?

SS) A villa somewhere sunny surrounded by hunks.

9) What’s Hot?

SS) Men in those grey jogging pants!

10) What’s Not?

SS) Menstruation.

Quick-fire round…

QF1) Summer or Winter?

SS) Winter.

QF2) Monogamy or Promiscuity?

SS) Monogamy.

QF3) Dogs or Cats?

SS) Dogs.

QF4) TV or Radio?


QF5) Home or Away?

SS) Away.

And finally…

QF6) Night or Day?

SS) Night.

You can’t find Miss Sordid Secret selling shots from her handbag and entertaining you all with her fun Quiz  at The New Union Wakefield. 

*This article first appeared in Issue 157 of “Yorkshire’s monthly queer paper” SHOUT! by Mark Michalowski in October 2009.