10 inches of…John Hughes (Nightclub Manager)

John is the Manager at Mission 2 in #gayleeds, we caught up with him and asked him for his 10 inches…

1. Describe yourself in three words:

JH. Spontaneous, excitable and generous

2. Love of your life?

JH. My mum (awwww)

3. Your typical Saturday night?

JH. Normally stood on the front door of Mission 2 in #gayleeds.

4. Best ever moment?

JH. Touching down in Thailand last year.

5. Describe your sexuality:

JH. Straight gay man.

6. The best thing about your body?

JH. My eyes.

7. Holiday Heaven?

JH. Busy European city centre.

8. Holiday Hell?

JH. Benidorm.

9. What’s Hot?

JH. Men.

10. What’s Not?

JH. Women.

Quick-fire round…

QF1. Summer/winter:


QF2. Monogamy/promiscuity:


QF3. Dogs/Cats:


QF4. TV/Radio: 


QF4. Home/Away: 


QF5. Night/day:


*This article first appeared in Issue 202 of “Yorkshire’s monthly queer paper” SHOUT! by Mark Michalowski in November 2013.