10 inches of…Tracey Farrar (Leeds)

Tracey Farrar is the Head Bouncer at Queens Court in #gayleeds, she is also a well-loved character around Leeds, we caught up with Tracey so that she could give you a cheeky 10 inches…

1) Describe yourself in three words:

TF) Friendly, Happy and Independent.

2) Love of your life?

TF) She knows who she is!

3) Your typical Saturday Night?

TF) Work, work and work!

4) Best ever moment?

TF) Birth of my eldest son.

5) Describe your sexuality?

TF) Lesbian

6) The best thing about your body?

TF) Maybe shoulders, probably the clothes covering it.

7) Holiday Heaven?

TF) Hot with a beach and the sea.

8) Holiday Hell?

TF) Skiing or anywhere cold.

9) What’s hot?

TF) Tipsy and playful.

10) What’s not?

TF) Drunk and obnoxious.

Quick-fire Round:

QF1) Summer or Winter?

TF) Summer.

QF2) Monogamy or Promiscuity?

TF) Monogamy.

QF3) Dogs or Cats?

TF) Dogs.

QF4) TV or Radio?


QF5) Home or Away?

TF) Away.

QF6)Day or Night?

TF) Night.

*This article first appeared in Issue 195 of “Yorkshire’s monthly queer paper” SHOUT! by Mark Michalowski in April 2013.