Say ‘Hello!’ to the White Rose Bears

From the ashes of the recently and sadly defunct Yorkshire Bears group springs a shiny, brand new group for bears, cubs, chubs and their admirers. Give a great big hug to the White Rose Bears!

The White Rose Bears plan to hold a monthly party night, alternating between their home venue of Blayds Bar in #gayleeds and gay venues around Yorkshire.

‘A small admin team, with a constitution and a democratic approach, will encourage membears to participate in organising events,’ they say. ‘In between the monthly party nights, we’ll have WRB meals out, theatre and cinema visits, walks and trips to places in Yorkshire and beyond’.

The group says it plans to make a special effort to introduce new membears to others so that new friendships are created so that Yorkshire has a strong and supportive network for ‘big lads’ and those who like them. In particular, the WRB will try to ensure that single guys and people coming to events alone are made to feel welcome and a part of a family.

‘The first priority for the team has been finalising the WRB launch events in #gayleeds on the Leeds LGBT Pride weekend in August,’ they add excitedly. ‘On the evening of Fri- day 2nd there will be a WRB toga party at Blayds Bar and on Saturday 3rd August there will be the Mr White Rose Bear 2013 competition, along with a performance by Bears Aloud, at Queens Court’s Loft. Both events are free for Yorkshire Bears card holders, with a small charge for others. And on Sunday 4th August the White Rose Bears will join thousands of others in the Leeds Pride parade.’

After that, the next couple of monthly WRB party nights are: WRB Go East! in Hull on 28th September; Scary Bears at Blayds in #gayleeds on 25th October; and WRB Go North! in York on 30th November The White Rose Bears already has well over 500 membears on its Facebook page, so if you fancy the WRB events and community then please join it!

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