Degsie’s dose III : Curtains to Cardigans

Well hello again everyone, welcome to my third column. I’m having so much fun writing these and hopefully giving you some useful information about myself and what’s going on each month on the #gayleeds scene.

So once again a massive thank you to everyone who’s read my other columns and for the fantastic feedback I’ve got from you all.

First of all I just want to say a big congratulations to The Viaduct Showbar and to the success of their Sports Day/Leeds LGBT Pride Fundraiser last Sunday.

It was so nice to see all the bars working together as one and having so much fun at the same time, we really need to do that more often, after all were all striving for the same things and we could accomplish so much more on this scene working together. So a big round of applause for The Viaduct Showbar and for all the money raised for Leeds LGBT Pride so far.

The only downfall to that day is the fact that I had to work! I was going to enter the sack race, but it was a good job I never because the sacks were designed for slim people so I would have had no chance (maybe next year we could have an eating or drinking competition for the fuller figure people,  just a thought!).

This Sunday 21st April, you are all invited down to The Bridge for their own Leeds LGBT Pride Fundraiser which has an American Theme. Hosted by myself, we will be giving you a 12 hour marathon starting at 2pm through till 2am to raise more funds for Leeds LGBT Pride.

We have an array of acts performing live on stage throughout the afternoon, from fantastic drag acts, to some amazing vocalists along with quizzes, bingo, raffles, and lots of fun & games. I’ll be giving loads of FREE beer away (BONUS)! Plus everyone will be able to help themselves to a FREE American Buffet, with Cheese Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, Fries and lots more.

We’ve also got the fabulous Kira & Charlie with their special Karaoke, and Kira will be singing a few songs live and there will be a chance to win two V.I.P Backstage Passes for Leeds LGBT Pride, so don’t miss this one folks because it’s gonna be an amazing day and we need all your support.

Well, the weather seems to be getting better now, so it won’t be long until I have to say goodbye to my lovely warm cardigans (It’s about time, I hear you all shout)!  Bear with, I shall see this month out and wait until the temperature rises then it’s short sleeved shirts and T-Shirt time (I might even put shorts on and let you all see my sexy legs)!

With the nice weather comes the parties and I for one, being the alcoholic party animal that I am, can’t wait. It’s time to get the swimming pool out (because where I live folks, It’s very posh, and we all have swimming pools in our gardens). It’ll also be time to get the Barbie lit (not the doll) plus get those summer tunes flowing. I’m already planning my first BBQ so be nice to me and you may get an invite.

Anyhow I’ve got loads more to tell you but it’s all coming up next month so you’ll just have to wait for my next column, won’t  ya!

In the meantime don’t forget you can see me every Friday & Monday nights in The Viaduct Showbar, and every Saturday night & Sunday Afternoon down at The Bridge Inn, so do drop in and say hi, oh and mine’s a Brandy and Coke!

I’m gonna leave you now with another one of my monthly facts about me that you may not already know and that is :- When I was younger I started Karate lessons and by the age of 15, I had fought in competitions around the UK, beat the number one person from Japan in a sparring match and risen through the ranks to become a Black Belt 2nd Dan! (And look at the state of me now), Oh well that’s what alcohol and good living do to ya!

Have fun everyone and hope you enjoy all the events coming up at all the venues in #gayleeds and I’ll be back next month with a brand new column.

Hugs & Kisses

DJ Degsie


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