My Husband is a T-Girl

(Susan as Ian above left and Leesah above right)

Hi, I’m Leesah Platt and I’m married to Susan Platt and this is my first piece for #gayleeds.

In the last 5 years since I have known Susan or Ian as I know him at home our lives have changed in so many ways as has the #gayleeds.

When people first meet us as a couple one of the most common questions I am asked is does Ian dressing as Susan bother me? How did I feel when he told me? Does he wear my clothes?

Well, to answer the first question if Ian dressing as Susan bothered me I would not be with him, would I? I had never met a transvestite or T-Girl as they like to be known in my life before meeting Susan.

I was on a dating site Plenty of Fish and I was talking to one of Ian’s friends who came from Rothwell, where I used to live, one night after talking to my friend on the phone I received a text that said:

Hi I’m Platty, Mick’s mate I’m quite nice under the exterior trim.

I looked at that text thinking what on earth is this?  Yes, I am sad enough to still remember what that first text from Ian said and the fact that I kept it on my phone for months shows what an impression he gave me.

I do not remember what my answer was and we text back and forth a while and to be honest I thought Ian and Mick were sat having a laugh at me.  Finally, I put ‘I bet you two are having a really good laugh at my expense aren’t you’ and then the next thing my phone rang and it was Ian saying no Mick’s gone home I’m sat at home on my own and then we just chatted for over an hour.

Towards the end of the conversation I asked Ian if he was such a nice guy and he made me laugh how come he was single and then he said “I like to dress in women’s clothes” and I said “and, your point is” and I think he was really surprised I was fine about it.  I have always been open-minded and laid back a soft touch some people would call me and I have always taught my girls to be open-minded.

The way I look at it if a man wants to dress in women’s clothes and is not hurting anyone then why not it is no-one else’s business what anyone else does. Let’s be honest women dress in trousers all the time and no-one bats an eyelid but a man wearing a frock gets sniggers from Joe public.

If I am honest I find Ian dressed as Susan especially behind closed doors in certain clothes quite sexy.  If anything it makes me question my sexuality and tastes but at the end of the day I am still me and Ian is still Ian and Susan is still Susan.  I am very proud of my husband/wife whichever mode he is in and I think he is one of the bravest people I know to put those heels on and those short skirts and go out into the street like that is amazingly brave but he isn’t being brave he’s just being himself and he does it amazingly well.

Whenever we meet anyone new at work, out in the public I tell people my husband is a t-girl and I am not embarrassed at all to tell people I have often found people think it’s great.  As for does, he wears my clothes? Nope, We have very different styles he likes tarty and short I like my legs covered.  I just wish other wives were like me supportive and accepting of their partner.

I have to say every t-girl I have ever met is lovely but for some, they do still have to hide in the closet.

Let’s hope if just one wife reads this it will help one t-girl to make the first step into the world.

Thank you for reading.

Leesah Platt xxx