10 inches of…Paul Newman (Care worker)

This is 10 inches of…Paul Newman who is a Care Worker…

1.Describe yourself in three words:

PN. Uncomplicated, Complicated and an Enigma.

2. Love of your life?

PN. Pure love.

3. Your typical Saturday night?

PN. Work.

4, Best ever moment?

PN. Taking away someone’s pain.

5. Describe your sexuality:

PN. Show me what’s on offer and I’ll let you know!

6. The best thing about your body?

PN. Furry mass.

7. Holiday Heaven?

PN. Empty beach, warm sea, no pants.

8. Holiday Hell?

PN. Anywhere busy.

9. What’s Hot?

PN. My hands.

10. What’s Not?

PN. Ego.

Quick-fire round…

QF1. Summer/Winter:

PN. Summer.


PN. Monogamy.

QF2. Dogs/cats:

PN. Dogs.

QF3. TV/Radio:

PN. Radio.

QF4. Home/Away:

PN. Home.

QF5. Night/Day:

PN. Day.


*This article first appeared in Issue 208 of “Yorkshire’s monthly queer paper” SHOUT! by Mark Michalowski in June 2014.