Interviews: Five First times with Daisy DuPont of Blayds (Leeds)

Here are five firsts from Leeds drag stalwart Miss Daisy DuPont. Giving you an insight into the lives and making of those who work on the Scenes in #gayyorkshire:

1) GY: What was the first album you ever bought?

DD: That’s easy, Bucks Fizz by errrrrrmmmmm Bucks Fizz!

2) GY: What was your first time abroad?

DD: My first time abroad was Lindos in Rhodes, it was hot as hell.

3) GY: Who was your first celebrity crush?

DD: Let me think, my first celebrity crush. errrrrrmmmmm probably Tucker Jenkins played by Todd Carty in Grange Hill.

4) GY: What was the first place you worked at?

DD: The first place I worked at was for Nottinghamshire County Council Catering in Deptford.

5) GY: What was the first Gay/LGB&T venue you visited?

DD: The first LGB&T venue I went to was called the Admiral Duncan in Nottingham which is now known as @D2 and is not to be confused with the Admiral Duncan in London.

GY: Thanks for answering these five firsts.

DD: It’s my pleasure!

You can find Daisy DuPont DJing regularly at Blayds Bar in #gayleeds.

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