Give and Take!

So 2015 is here and we have had mixed news from around the world about LGBT equality and issues. 

In America numerous states are attempting to block equality, there was the suicide of young Leelah Alcorn and the slaying of 12 cartoonists for featuring a same-sex kiss on their magazine, in addition to numerous stories from the UK of gay men being refused entry to pubs and told they were not allowed to kiss in cabs. We have seen just many stories embracing equality for our LGBT brother and sisters as well news of famous celeb who have same-sex weddings in the offering.

So what does 2015 offer us all as individuals and as communities? Whether it’s on a personal note or on a general note it’s all about given and take, rights don’t come without responsibilities and we have a responsibility to ourselves and our global community to treat each other with love and respect, to think outside of our own selves and look at the bigger picture and look at what we can do to make our local, national and global community a better place.

It’s like those profiles you see on Scruff and Grindr all about ME ME ME and what I want, what I expect from a lover and what he must give me, with little about what you have to offer someone. Equality is like that it’s about what we have to give and what we have to receive.

There’s a generation of LGBT people who have fought hard for our rights, to be who we’re and to be free to live our lives free from discrimination and bigotry. To be able to marry and live with our partners (if we choose to). Ask anyone at The Albert Kennedy Trust, there are still young LGBT teens thrown out of their family home for being LGBT, There is still stigma and discrimination in our own communities towards people with disabilities, BME people, People who aren’t gay media defined attractive. Yes we receive protection in the form of equality laws and legislation however its now time we all gave something back to our communities (local, national and global) whether its educating people on our issues and promoting equality in places that are less tolerant, or giving your time to volunteer for a project that support LGBT issues or maybe donating some money to a charity, or challenging the wider LGBT discrimination or even discrimination from within our own communities. Even just been nicer to each other and more respectful, this will all make a difference to 2015.

Its all about Give and Take!

Best wishes Jakeb xXx