#gayleeds shoulder to shoulder with Orlando (Leeds)

Leeds stands shoulder to shoulder with Orlando.

Leeds which has Yorkshire’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community will join together for a Vigil at 11 pm on Monday 13th June 2016 on Lower Briggate (commonly known as #gayleeds) in remembrance of those lost during the horrific shooting at the ‘Pulse’ Nightclub in Orlando (USA).

At least 50 people were tragically killed in the homophobic hate fuelled massacre in the early hours of Sunday 12th June 2016 at the renowned LGBT Nightclub in Florida.

Venues within the heart of #gayleeds will stop serving at 11 pm Monday when it is hoped the LGBT community and their allies will take to the streets to hold a one-minute silent candlelit vigil to show solidarity with their LGBT  brothers and sisters of Orlando at this traumatic time.

The road on Lower Briggate will be closed off to traffic for a total of fifteen minutes before, during and after the vigil. Leeds City Council which has a hugely successful LGBT Hub and Network is in full support of the vigil, deputy councillor James Lewis will even make a short speech before the minute’s silence regarding the tragedy in Orlando.

The idea of this vigil came about in such short space of time thanks to the LGBT community leaders of the Leeds LGBT Scene and because of the immense feelings of love and support that some LGBT individuals of Leeds feel towards those affected by this horrendous crime.

One prominent member of the Leeds LGBT Community and a key figure in getting this vigil together Harry Nettleton announced that “At 11 pm on Lower Briggate, traffic will cease as every member and friend of the Leeds Gay Scene is invited to stand hand in hand on the streets of #gayleeds to show support and solidarity with Orlando”.

Leeds Businessman and Leeds LGBT venue owner Micheal Rothwell added “It’s such terrible news coming from Orlando, we all need to stand together regardless of sexuality, gender or creed and show that hate has no place in the world. I’m saddened that we as gay people are still targeted simply because of who we love, I am however proud of how #gayleeds always comes together in times like these”.

The #gayleeds venues Queens Court (QC), Fibre, Mission 2, The New Penny, The Viaduct Showbar and Blayds Bar will all fall silent for one minute at 11 pm on Monday 13th June for the Vigil. Candles will be on sale with any money raised going to Orlando to help those affected by the massacre.

It has also been announced that Leeds First Direct Arena which is a big supporter of equality in the city will also change the colour of it’s building at 11 pm in honour of those who were killed.