I beg your pardon Mr Cameron?

David Cameron

The UK is warming up for an election and the pink vote is a battleground!

As the UK gears up to take to the polling stations and vote in our next government, the Conservative Party under David Cameron has pledged that the posthumous pardon given to Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing will be extended to thousands of Brits if the Tories win the next election.

World War Two code breaker Alan Turing.

Gimmick or meaningful pledge?

Is this a gimmick to ensure that that the Pink vote is a blue one come polling day? It’s probably a promise that the Conservative Party will keep if they get into power, they are after all the Coalition Partners of the last government who with the Liberal Democrats (and it must be said with vast Labour support) brought in equal marriage to the UK.

This pledge though got me thinking, the act of pardoning for me does not even go far enough. Let me explain, by using the word “pardon” it makes you believe that those pardoned individuals have merely been forgiven for a crime that they have still committed.

David Cameron

In my opinion, I feel that a full apology would have been much better and a clearing of all legal wrongdoing would have sat more comfortable with me as a statement.

Turing in his grave!

The Freedom flag is a flag used by the LGBT community to highlight the fight for equality.

Pardoning is an insult which refrains from extracting the crimes of those poor individuals who were punished for simply loving a member of the same sex.

I’m glad times have changed, but please Mr Cameron, you don’t have the right to pledge to pardon these members of the LGB&T community, because they never really did do anything wrong in the first place!