5 awesome gay hangouts in Gran Canaria (Travel)

Gran Canaria is a notorious gay destination in Europe, specifically in Playa del Ingles in the South.

The island has always been a beacon of tolerance while in the olden days, mainland Spain used to have an extremely hostile conservative attitude led by the Catholic Church. The Canary Islands were a popular place to exile people who broke social rules and thought differently.

Today, the island is a playground for the gay boys, particularly in the famous Yumbo Centre. But there’s a whole other side to the island. Here are our 5 best things to do in Gran Canaria for the gay boys.

01. Yumbo Centre gay bars

The Yumbo Centre is a shopping mall in Playa del Ingles in the south of the island, full of mainly gay bars, clubs and boutique Clone Zone type shops. Bar/clubs have a blurred line and most don’t get going till around 1am.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Terry’s Show: Terry’s has some excellent Spanish drag shows from 10:30pm-1am, which you will love. They have WiFi so you can Shazam all the awesome hispanic tunes they play.
  • Mykonos: this is where the young sexy cool kids hang out. It’s open from 11pm-3:30am and is one of the larger and more popular bars. And it’s got poles. Every gay boy secretly wants to be a pole dancer right? This is the place to live out that dream!
  • Mantrix: the main gay club in Yumbo, open from 2am till late. Definitely the best club on the island, attracting both locals and tourists. That hottie you met on the beach earlier? He’ll most likely end up here at some stage.


The beach at kiosk #7 by the sand dunes of Playa del Ingles is THE place to hang out during the day. Most of the guys congregate here, which you reach by getting lost in the sand dunes from outside Riu Hotel in Playa del Ingles.

The sand dunes are a lot of fun – you will inevitably get lost through them as you try to reach kiosk #7, so bring your camera and your beau to snap it all up.

03. Gay boat and beach party

Gui Gui is a clothing optional secluded beach on the Western coast of the island, hidden away at the bottom of a Grande ravine. To reach it you need to drive for 2 hours, then trek for around 2/3 hours over the rocks in the burning heat. Or you can grab your mates, a few bottles of Ron Miel and have one big speedo party on a boat to Gui Gui with a company like the gay owned Canarias Gay.

A boat trip with a group of friends is a super fun day trip as well as a relaxing way to see a different side to this remarkable island.

And we mentioned the paella #foodporn part right? Canarias Gay prepared this plate of delicious yumminess for us hungry boys on the beach:

04. Trekking to Roque Nublo

Roque Nublo (or Cloud Rock) is the iconic site of the island. It used to be a holy monument, the place to make sacrifices to the sun god. It stands proud to an impressive 1,813m (5,948 ft) above sea level, making it one of the largest free standing rocks in the world.

There’s in fact a whole dramatic mountain range here that needs to fill up your Instagram gallery. Gran Canaria is an island formed from volcanic eruptions over millions of years, leaving behind eroded layers of this rugged, spectacular scenery.

05. Parties and carnivals

The Canary Islands are renowned for the many pride events, carnivals and orgies of colour that take place throughout the year. Some of the larger upcoming ones you may want to plan your trip around include:

  • Maspalomas Fetish Week: popular with leather aficionados in particular: 8-16 October 2016.
  • Maspalomoas Winter Pride: just in case you missed the summer one, there’s one for the winter on 7-13 November 2016
  • Carnivals: the famous Catholic winter festival is a big deal in the Canary islands and Gran Canaria has 2, one in Las Palmas (10 February – 5 March 2017) and the second in Maspalomas (3-12 March 2017).
  • Bear parties: bear parties are popular on the island and the 2 most prominent are the Bear Pool parties in Autumn (11 October and 12 November 2016) and the Bear Maspalomas Carnival (19-27 March 2017).
  • Maspalomas Gay Pride: the big gay summer party on the island, which draws a massive crowd each year. The next one is: 4-14 May 2017.

To find out more, check out the Nomadic Boys’ guide to the best gay bars of Gran Canaria.

You can also plan your visit with the Canary Island Tourism Board, just visit hellocanaryislands.com

Words Nomadic Boys