4 beautiful Instagram feeds you should follow immediately (Culture)


Because if we scroll past one more avocado on toast, shit will get messy.

Let’s face it, Insta can get dull. The lack of creativity from some of the people you follow (but have to because of some stupid reason, like blood relation) is just astounding.

So we’re bringing you four expertly crafted feeds that will make you want to pick a camera yourself… or make you spend more time on your phone because that’s healthy.


@erikjsmith – Erik Smith

Total regulation hottie.

Erik’s pictures are a stunning mix of dreamy minimal landscapes, inspiring locations, peppered with portraits of the man himself. Follow him right now.


@ericrandall – Eric Randall Morris

Architect Eric Morris uses his graphic design skills to create a beautifully refined feed. His mix of collages and portraits are enough to make you want to go out and explore.

Perfect for those who die for simplicity.


@aturwin – Andrew Urwin

To quote Megan in Bridesmaids ‘I’m glad he’s single, ’cause I’m gonna climb that like a tree’.

On Mr Urwin’s feed, you’ll find exquisite locations and the odd selfie of him with a kitten – *faints*.

We’re just doing you a public service by bringing him to your attention. You’re welcome.


@insidethepyramid – Miguel Rual

For those looking for something on the darker side, try inside the pyramid, the darker side of Instagram, brought to you by Miguel Rual.

Between his ripped selfies and his love of jockstraps, we’re kind of obsessed.


Words Zak Walton