Boy George teams up with YMCA to re-record iconic gay anthem (Music)


Young man, there’s no need to feel down…

Christian youth organisation the YMCA has finally embraced the Village People’s iconic gay anthem that borrowed their name, almost 40 years after threatening to sue the band for trademark infringement upon its release in 1978.

The Australian branch of the charity has teamed up with British singer Boy George for a stripped back cover of YMCA in a bid to raise awareness of issues that are important to young people in Australia.

Boy George said: “The world can be a scary and overwhelming place, it’s easy to feel you’re not important and that your views don’t matter.

“When the YMCA invited me to be a part of this call to arms, I couldn’t say no – this message is too important.

What if the answer to some of our biggest problems is in the mind of a young person who feels theres no place in society for them? We need to give them a voice and start listening.

The cover is part of the YMCA’s Why Not? the campaign which, among other current issues like mental health awareness and job prospects, questions why Australia has yet to open up marriage to same-sex couples.

Melinda Crole, YMCA Australia’s CEO, said: “Young people have overwhelmingly told us that their voices are not being given a say in decisions made by governments, institutions and employers that affect their lives.

“They have ideas, energy, dreams and visions for a better future but too many are drowning in despair because they feel ignored.

“Every day, politicians are making decisions that will impact the country and the futures of our young people without even bothering to ask them what they think, and it’s simply not good enough.

“We want to mobilise our 12,000 plus team members and 2,300 volunteers to help empower young people and ensure leadership, justice and fairness for their generation and those that follow.”

Watch the performance below.

or more information about the YMCA’s Why Not? campaign visit their website here.

Words Daniel Megarry