The Bleeding Obvious: “Rainbow Heart” Album Review

Is it cosmic gender blending musical art? Is it a zeitgeist of the LGBT movement and the struggles for physical and sexual acceptance? What’s for sure is that it is “Rainbow Heart” and it is the second album from Yorkshire lass Jess Rowbottom.

This is a very personal album that takes you on a journey, it’s an album that tries to educate of the complexities of finding yourself and in a world where labels seem to define us, this album is lyrically on the mark.

Electric vibes echo 1980’s riffs and at times the album seems to channel The Pet Shop Boys, 1980’s David Bowie and later bands such as the Scissor Sisters.

What happens when you tumble out of the big pink closet and find yourself trying to work out where exactly you are on the spectrum?

The real-life experiences captured in the recordings perfectly express the attitudes of the those from the outside looking in or vice versa, this is a masterpiece and one that should be on your listening list even if at the moment you do or don’t know what pansexual or gender fluid means.

”Rainbow Heart” is available now, you can buy it now from The Bleeding Obvious website and it’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, bandcamp and at Wah Wah Records in Wakefield too.


You may also be able to keep up to date of where The Bleeding Obvious are touring “Rainbow Heart” in various places across the UK by liking their Facebook page right HERE!

 1 3:17
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5 3:37
6 4:44
7 4:20
8 5:13
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Review by Ross McCusker