Doctor Who: Three cheers for the Romans’ open acceptance of all sexualities! (TV)


Friends! Romans! Celtic men! Lend me your sexual values!

This week’s adventure, titled ‘The Eaters of Light’, solved the mystery of a disappearing Roman legion in ancient Aberdeenshire.

Once again, the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and openly gay companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) were split up for the majority of this episode. While the Doctor dealt with the hostile Picts.

He alway ends up being boss of the locals, usually by annoying them

Bill hung out with what was left of the Ninth legion. She delightedly worked out the Tardis’ auto-translate trick.

It even does lip sync!

There was a new spin on the “coming out” trope when Bill told the young Centurians that she was a lesbian. The liberated Romans viewed it as “ordinary” to fancy both genders, with being gay seen as “restricted” which resulted in a slightly put out Bill muttering “How modern.”

Twitter had a number of veiwers impressed by the spin on sexualality and praising the writer Rona Munroand (whose previous Who script was Survival, the 1989 story starring Sylvester McCoy) and exiting show runner Steven Moffat for reminding us all that “Heteronormativity” is actually a very new concept.

This was a great episode in what has been a brilliant return to form for Doctor Who with even Matt Lucas’s Nardole getting and much deserved and comically excellent role in the episode.

We’ll be sure to tune in next week as we build up to Peter Capadi’s grand exit from the character of the 12th Doctor and also the return of both the classic Mondasian Cybermen and John Simm as The Master (alongside his later incarnation Michelle Gomez as Missy).

Fireworks anyone?