Madame Connie Lingus: Interview (Wakefield)

Abandoned at birth, left on a doorstep and raised by anorexic Romanian Nuns,  she’s #gaywakefield’s filthiest drag queen and as we sit down in Connie’s Luxury penthouse apartment, we plan on finding out what exactly makes Madame Connie Lingus really tick.

GY- Wakefield’s filthiest Drag queen, is that a title that you came up with yourself and do you live up to it?

Connie- Well it did just develop over time, initially, I was just called the fat drag in a bag, but filthiest drag queen is a lot nicer.

GY- How long have you been working in the Wakefield Gay Scene?

Connie- I started doing drag and Dj’ing around the same time, it was around 1996, the Dolphin which then became Zeus was the first place that I unleashed Connie. My ex-boyfriend used to do drag and I’d never even dreamed of doing it myself, then he convinced me to do a number with him and Connie was born, the name Connie Lingus, by the way, was thought up about ten seconds before my first appearance on stage.

GY- Do you miss Bar Zeus now that it’s closed?

Connie- Yes it Zeus was a major part of my life it’s like having an arm cut off. It hold’s a lot of memories for me there, did you know that Zeus/Dolphin was Wakefield’s oldest Gay bar? I’m sure it hold’s a lot of memories for many others too.

GY- Yes it’s sad that Zeus has closed, do you think that its closure has something to do with changing tastes and have you noticed a change in Wakefield’s scene and nightlife?

Connie- Well everyone has to watch their spending these days and so places are going to struggle due to a fall in the number of people going out. Yes, there has been a change of the Scene, you get more straight people coming into the LGBT bars now, being gay is accepted more now, so gay people don’t need LGBT bars in the same way as they used to. It’s my opinion that straight people especially the girls tend to feel more at ease in an LGBT bar.

GY- There used to be a Drag Idol competition each year, but who is your ultimate drag queen idol and why?

Connie- mmm…well, I looked up and tried to learn my craft from the brilliant old mime artist and female impersonator Candy Du Barry her facial expressions and performance was just brilliant.

GY- Are you gay yourself?

Connie- I am dear, I came out at 15 and went back in the closet at 30 before coming out again.

GY- You went back in the closet?

Connie- Yes, I met a lovely girl who I loved and thought it would work, although of course, it didn’t because I like men. Luckily I’m still really close to the Girl and we’re best friends you could say.

GY- Oh good, so is there a Mr Connie in your life at the moment and if so what does he think of your alter ego?

Connie- There is a Mr Connie we’ve been together for 16 years now although I’m not telling you his name, He’s lovely. I don’t think he’d survive if I took Connie home thou, I don’t think anyone could live with Connie permanently, I don’t even think I could.

GY- When you used to DJ at the now also closed Club Odyssey you played a good variety of music, but what is your particular favourite?

Connie- I like all types of music, but at home, I listen to stuff like Kate Bush, I like musicals too.

GY- And finally do you see yourself ever putting Connie to pasture and retiring?

Connie- I can never see Connie being retired, she’ll have to be carried out of this world kicking and screaming with a mic in one hand and a Vodka and diet coke (hint hint!) in the other. Personally, I’d love to run my own Drag bar in Amsterdam but this is just a pipedream.

*We’d like to thank Connie for this interview, you can still occasionally see Connie and her alter ego Dj Steve at The New Union Bar & Eatery in #gaywakefield.