A quickie with Glitz Von Winkle (Wakefield/Leeds)

Glitz Von Winkle.

Gay Yorkshire sat down with Gay Wakefield and #gayleeds drag queen Glitz Von Winkle for a quickie, once we’d fought through the cats, wigs and soggy tissues…

GY- What year did you first do drag?

Glitz- The first time was clearly for fun. I and my dear wanton sister Madam Nikoal threw some frocks and madly advised slap on for the Fruit-bowl (Mesmac Youth Group Wakefield) Xmas party, it was horrendous!

GY- Favourite Musical?

Glitz- Wicked has to be my favourite, I’ve been to see it and it’s the best thing I have ever watched, I can relate to certain characters too!

GY- Are you single?

Glitz- I’m widowed dear and poor because the old wrinkly pig didn’t leave me a penny he just left some scars and stretch marks!

GY- Your Favourite Food?

Glitz- Food? It’s me, all food is good food! I think I’ve spent too long with Auntie Connie (Legendary Wakefield Drag Queen Connie Lingus)!

GY- Ideal man?

Glitz- My ideal man would be rich with a heart condition. and I don’t like waiting!

GY- Thongs or Bridget Jones knickers?

Glitz- Bridget jones knickers all the way, they are easier for shoplifting chickens and melons in!

GY- Favourite Disney Film?

Glitz- It would have to be Beauty and the Beast because it reminds me of my illiterate sister that lives in Halifax!

GY- Place of Birth?

Glitz- Rumour has it I was born in a shopping trolley in Thrones Park (Wakefield), Mother dearest was never very classy because she was a typical Barnsley lass.

GY- What part of a man’s body do you find the most attractive?

Glitz- His wallet dear, who wouldn’t?

GY- Cat or Dog?

Glitz- Cat, I like to have somebody to talk to at home.

GY- Blonde or Brunette?

Glitz- It all depends on which hair I’ve washed. but ultimately blondes have more fun.

GY- Size or Girth?

Glitz- Girth, if it’s thicker I know then there’s more notes in between the leather.

GY- If you was put on a desert island and could take one thing with you what would it be?

Glitz- I’d be practical and take condoms just so I don’t catch anything and I hear you can pick them up for free in the #gayleeds venues courtesy of Yorkshire Mesmac and their condom packing volunteers!

*We would like to thank Glitz for this quickie and remind those reading that the opinions and views expressed are Glitz Von Winkle’s alone and not necessarily the views and opinions of Gay Yorkshire.com.