Timmy J Wright: Interview (Leeds)

We caught up with showman, cocktail mixologist and DJ Timmy J Wright ahead of his return to Saturday nights in #gayleeds.

GY- You’ve been off the #gayleeds scene a long while now, it’s great to have you back but tell us exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to?

Timmy J- Hi! I certainly have, I have been indulging in the amazing and exciting world of cocktails! Travelling the country up and down making thousands of them! Training up bars, clubs and pubs on producing tasty, colourful creations whilst being part of some of the greatest exhibitions and shows! Also launching our Cocktail Campervan Mable!

GY-  How’s married life treating you?

Timmy J- Married life is brilliant, the day in itself couldn’t have been more us! Plus it was all filmed so you will all get to share our day on ITV at the end of May.

GY-  Have you seen the Leeds Freedom Bridge, we know you were part of its initial conception, what do you think now that it’s done?

Timmy J-  I have! It looks great, I wouldn’t say I was a part of the initial conception but I certainly supported it. Anything that can add colour and vibrancy to the great city of Leeds it more than welcome!

GY- Your new night at Loft (above QC in #gayleeds) on Saturdays looks exciting, can you tell us a little more about it?

Timmy J-  Yes! So, I’m back on The Leeds Scene, and not to where most people would expect, as I am at Queens Court launching not only a brand new night but the grand reopening of the Loft in itself!! They have spent a fortune in transforming the unique upstairs club that has been closed for quite some time! I can’t wait for you all to see it! The launch will feature a few little surprises as well as myself playing the campest of classics, but those who know me will know I will never stick to the norm! So expect lots of different music to suit all tastes and genres! Plus, the cheapest drinks offers in town from just £2.50!

GY-  If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be and why?

Timmy J-  haha random! I suppose I’d be a geodude. Because I think I’m hard as fook when I’m legless?

GY-  What’s your favourite song of all time and why?

Timmy J-  My favourite song, hmmm probably Pour Some Sugar on Me or Footloose. Both songs are just iconic and guaranteed people pleasers. They have the rocky style feel whilst being able to just let yourself go with each!

GY-  Tell us a little about your little cocktail venture?

Timmy J- My cocktail adventure is absolutely crazy! When I set out to do this I never imagined that it would take off like it has! I find myself literally driving from London to Scotland and even travelling to Germany to do a 3-hour cocktail event! It’s just unbelievably fun, exciting and an incredible world! The most memorable part of our journey has probably been driving 5 hours to and from the other end of the country to pick up a battered and bruised VW Campervan and having the wheel fall off along the way then the weeks of converting in into a magical 4 wheeled cocktail queen that looks magnificent and also road worthy!

GY-  As part of the Starlets you performed at numerous pride/charity events and venues. Do you think people still enjoy a live Cabaret performance?

Timmy J-  I think people will always love a live performance, be it from Beyonce or Mystique banging one out* mid DJ set. A show is a show. It’s something to watch and as long as it has visual appeal, great stage presence from the act and the support of the venue, it can be nothing but a hit with the crowd
*putting on a show

GY- You’re a fab mixologist, can you give us boy (girls and gender neutral) individuals any cocktail making tips?

Timmy J- Once thing about this job is, you travel, you see, you learn. My way of making a cocktail is completely different to another’s. My only tip would be is If you can cook, you can make a good cocktail. All I am is a liquid chef. It’s about identifying flavours, experimenting and keeping the juices flowing to those who want it. A bit like the Leeds scene really.

GY- Finally what kind of music will you be mainly playing at Loft on Saturdays?

Timmy J- I have been asked to appeal to all crowds and keep the “gay tunes” a flowing. But it’s me.. so.. you’ll have to come see and hear for yourself.

Thanks, Timmy J, remember you can get some Timmy time at The Loft above Queens Court every Saturday in #gayleeds and every Friday in Flares (Bradford).