Pastor says let gay people get married… then ‘put a bullet through their heads’

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A pastor from New Zealand has come under fire for shocking homophobic remarks.

Logan Robertson, a pastor at Westcity Bible Baptist Church in Auckland, appears to call for the death of same-sex couples during a video clip of one of his sermons which have been uploaded to YouTube.

He said: “Someone actually emailed me the other day about our church, he said ‘What’s your view on homo marriage?’

“And I was like, my view on homo marriage is that the Bible never mentions it! So I’m not against them getting married, as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss.

“Because that’s what [the Bible] talks about – not homo marriage, but homo death. There’s no such thing as homo marriage, it’s not even marriage anyway.

“That’s what should happen, but we’ve got Christians who would rather side with them, with their cute little fag cousin or brother or whoever it is than with Christians who actually preach against it.”

WestCity is independent and has no association with the Baptist denomination of New Zealand.

Asked by the New Zealand Herald if his words were hate speech, Robertson replied: “Of course it is. Does it sound like hate speech to you? If the world thinks that’s hate speech then that’s fine.”

He denied calling for church members to shoot gay people but said it wasn’t his responsibility if someone did.

“It’s got nothing to do with me,” he added, “they could read that verse in the Bible. I’m not inciting vigilantes. I believe it’s the Government’s job.”

Watch the shocking video below.