Theresa May says people don’t need to worry about DUP’s views on ‘LGB…what’s the rest of it?’ (UK News)

Jette Carr via Flickr.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all…

Prime Minister Theresa May held a meeting yesterday with the 1922 Committee of backbenchers to discuss the Conservatives’ ongoing discussions with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party of Ulster to form a minority government.

One concern that has come out of the potential coalition is the DUP’s far-right anti-gay views – namely that they’ve blocked same-sex marriage from being legalised in Northern Ireland a number of times already.

However, Theresa May dispelled any fear that the DUP would have any power to reverse LGBT rights in the UK, even if her apparent flippant remark leaves you shaking your head in disbelief.

According to Huffington Post editor Paul Waugh, a Tory MP told him that Theresa allegedly reassured them that DUP “views on LGB…what’s the rest of it?” would not affect Government policy.

That won’t sit well with Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who is gay and has already spoken to May about protecting LGBT rights in any deal made with the DUP.

Despite the unfortunate comment, it seems the 1922 Committee has given May its full confidence that the DUP wouldn’t have enough influence to stop bills passing through parliament.

The Tories won 318 seats in lats week’s general election in the UK, which is eight short of the 326 needed to form a majority government.

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