UK election results in a hung parliament as Conservatives lose 12 seats (UK News)

Jette Carr via Flickr

Theresa May has stated she will not resign as Conservative leader after the party suffered a major blow in yesterday’s UK election.

It’s looking likely that the Tories will finish with 318 seats, which is eight less than the 326 needed to form a majority government.

With Labour predicted to finish with 262 seats in the Houses of Commons, it means the United Kingdom is left with a hung parliament.

Theresa May has reportedly already started negotiations to form some sort of coalition to get her party past the 326 mark.

Reports have suggested that she’s been in touch with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party to form a minority government, but it remains to be seen if they can see eye-to-eye on major policies.


The DUP won 10 seats in yesterday’s election, but if the two parties do come together, it would likely signal a softer Brexit strategy than the Tories first proposed.

However, it’s not great news for LGBT+ people as the DUP have a history of being staunchly against same-sex marriage.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is also thought to be seeking a minority government, but it’s not known who he has approached yet.

What’s more, Corbyn has called upon Theresa May to resign as Tory leader after a disastrous result for the party.

Meanwhile, former Liberal Democrats leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg lost his seat in his constituency.

There are still a handful of seats left to be announced, and so the final result is expected in the coming hours.