Born naked and the rest is Drag!

It has been quite a while since my last article and that is because I have a secret new addiction and I feel as though it is time for me to share this information with you all.

I need to explain why I have been so distant recently. My new addiction has taken over my life, my social life, the way I act and even my opinions have changed. My new addiction is… RuPaul’s Drag Race. Yes, girl, I have sashayed away from you all for so long because I have binge-watched all 9 seasons (even the ‘’forgotten’’ season one) and both All-star seasons.

RuPaul has given me a whole new appreciation for drag artistes. Drag is an art form, it’s a career, it’s even a saviour to some people but above all, it is everything I love. I believe somewhere deep inside me there is a drag queen screaming to get out. I have sat and watched many drag queens here in gay Yorkshire and awed at just how sickening these queens are. One day RuPaul is going to come to her senses and finally do a UK version of RuPaul Drag Race and with the 10th season and 3rd All-star season just around the corner, I thought it was only right for me to become a judge. So here is my rundown of the top 10 Queens in #gayyorkshire who should compete in RuPaul Drag Race Yorkshire addition. category for Yorkshire drag race is “No Yorkshire Tea, No Shade”.

10. Gayle Force (York)

In 10th place would be the formidable Gayle Force (AKA Richard) a fantastic drag Queen based in #gayyork. Gayle has a big personality to match her even bigger hair. Not only does this Queen beat her face with a sickening supply of cosmetics but she also beat her fellow competitors to be crowned York Drag Race winner 2016. If you want to catch Gayle Force blowing you over with her talent and lip syncing for her life you can usually find her at York gay pride events (you may also catch a nip slip or two or three).

9. Glitz Von Winkle (Wakefield/Leeds)

In 9th place is #gaywakefield and #gayleeds very own Glitz Von Winkle. This queen flabbergasts us with her dark, witty and offensive banter. Glitz minces her walk but never her words. In the past she has been called “bin bag drag” but in my opinion, she is in the running and on par with Drag race legends Sharon Needles and Alaska. You can catch her “not today Satan” attitude at The New Penny in #gayleeds with Penny Mondays and SOS Wednesdays.

8. Vivian Twist (Sheffield)

In 8th place is Sheffield’s very own Funky Beaver Vivian Twist. Vivian is one of the headlining performing acts on Sheffield’s scene and part of the award-winning biggest home-grown drag show in Sheffield “The Funky Beaver Show”. Winning the special acknowledgement award at the 2017 South Yorkshire LGBT awards the funky beaver show and Vivian twist have become a performing giant, with sell-out shows in 2016 and awards in 2017 this queen will one day be a champion of the world. You can catch Vivian performing at many venues and events through the whole of Sheffield from The Queens Head PRIDE night to the Sheffield pride main stage.

7. Gina Tina (Barnsley)

In 7th place is Barnsley’s very own sexy seasoned queen Gina Tina. This polished queen has been on the scene for many years. Her flawless look and passion for the gay community were honoured at the South Yorkshire LGBT Awards 2017, where she was crowned best drag queen. Gina or how she is often referred to… the drag mamma of Barnsley can be found every week at the Tuesday Night Project in camp rock, On Wellington Street.

6. Kay Wye (Doncaster)

In 6th place is a drag queen I hold very close and dear to my heart. Kay Wye is the first drag queen I ever met and the one who started off my obsession with all things drag. She is the UK’s version of Lady Bunny and really cares about her friends within the gay community. This queen is old school, camp and the joint owner of Doncaster’s only gay venue The Hallcross. Not shy of hard work this queen can be found, behind the bar, in the DJ box, on the door or on stage throwing out shapes to camp classics such as “around the old campfire” but wherever she heads will turn. With her glitzy outfits, sky-high wigs and eyelashes long enough to embarrass the cast of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ she isn’t just a man in a dress she is a legend in #gaydoncaster. Running the Hallcross is her passion and that was honoured last year by winning the best LGBT venue award at the South Yorkshire LGBT Awards. She can be found roaming the halls of the Hallcross every weekend 52 weekends a year.

5. Miss Sordid Secret (Wakefield/Leeds)

In 5th place or in the words of Alyssa Edwards “A lovely fifth alternate” is Miss Sordid Secret. This international queen has been working the stages of Spain for the summer but she has now landed safely back in the UK. Sordid is the glamazon of #gayleeds. If there is one name that everyone knows in #gayyorkshire it is Miss Sordid Secret. She has performed at almost every Pride event across #gayyorkshire. When she is not busy not winning awards at the prestigious Leeds LGBT Owlie awards (she used to win sometimes!) you can catch her on a weekly basis usually in the DJ box of The Bridge Inn (#gayleeds), The Sun (#gaybradford) or The New Penny (#gayleeds).

4. Mamma Bear (Leeds/Hull/Bradford)

In 4th place is a queen who is definitely large and in charge chunky yet funky, she is Mamma Bear (nee Coil). This Mamma is the Queen of comedy. Her body is full of funny bones and whenever she is around laughter exhumes the room. Ginga Minge is one of my favourite RPDR queens and Mamma Bear is our very own version, only better. She is one of the most refined Drag Hosts in Yorkshire and you can catch her at many venues across #gayyorkshire my personal favourite being games night at the Viaduct Showbar in #gayleeds every Wednesday night, pop party at candy in #gaybradford on a Thursday, Friday in the DJ booth in Blaydes bar in #gayleeds or at Propaganda in #gayhull on Saturdays (this grizzly girl travels a lot).

3. Echo (Bradford)

In 3rd place is Echo. A fairly new queen to the scene you could call her the Shangela of our competition (I can imagine many of you would like her to enter your room and jump out of one box straight into another). Echo is the pageant queen on our list. She was a 2017 Kiki Queens finalist with a singed figure that makes Kate Moss blush and the beauty of a young Angelina Jolie. This queen can often be described as nothing more than body and face. I can categorically confirm that that is not true. This talented Queen has been lighting up the stage at Candy in #gaybradford and can soon be seen competing in the Queen Bee Leeds annual Drag Queen pageant at the Marriot Hotel Leeds on 5th December. This is an evening of fabulous entertainment that raises money for local organisations that provide vital care and support. Let’s hope Echo doesn’t fall and she takes away this pageant crown.

2. Miss Uma Daze (Leeds)

The runner-up on my list is Uma Daze. Uma is flawlessly funny and magnificently stunning with a lip sync mouth that can do wonderfully imaginative things. If there was a lip sync battle between her and any other queen on this list she would most definitely win. This quirky Viaduct Starlet and Showgirl is unique and hilarious whilst being talented and beautiful. She is what drag queens stand for, what Drag Queens should aspire to be and her talent and determination make her a force to be reckoned with. When she is performing with the Viaduct Showgirls she is the one that your eyes follow. Catch her every weekend in the Viaduct Showbar in #gayleeds and get ready to be mesmerised.

And finally, the one you have all been waiting for the winner of ‘My #gayyorkshire Drag Race 2017’ is…………

1. Eboni Whyte (Doncaster)

Eboni is over six feet tall and I believe she is so tall because she towers above the rest of the competition. From head to toe, she is full of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. Eboni ticks every single box on the drag queen spectrum. Contouring skills to match no other, a fashion sense that makes London fashion week look a big bore and dance/lip sync talents that make you believe she is actually the real artist on stage. This queen is underrated and the world needs to know her name.

So please all head down to The Hallcross in #gaydoncaster to catch her monthly cabaret show. I can promise you that you will definitely not be disappointed. Also, word on the street is that Eboni is wanting to be a mother and looking for a new drag daughter to join her show. If you are the queen who is up for this position please get in touch with The Hallcross and you may be the next big queen in her story.

So there it is a list of the most talented Drag Queens in #gayyorkshire. If you didn’t make my top 10 I apologise it took me 3 weeks to compile this list and my decision and research was definitely not easy. I love all drag queens but remember if you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Now get down to your local LGBT venue to see your favourite queen and show your support to the venues that keep the art of Drag alive.

*Auditions for the new Hallcross Drag Queen with Eboni Whyte will be Monday 13th November at The Hallcross in #gaydoncaster from 1 pm? 

Words by Lee Mears