Who’s Mamma Bear?

Welcome to the re-opening of my grizzly slot. This time my slot is bigger and wider then ever before and it’s juicy too!

What can I tell you? Well it’s been years since my last piece which was for gayleeds.com (not gayyorkshire.com as it is now) and alas Bears Aloud are sadly no more!

That doesn’t mean that I don’t get to see my phat sisters, they can usually be found prowling around the newly refurbished Blayds Bar in #gayleeds.

I’m still touring and performing with my phatter sister Kimbearly Clarke as part of our grizzly showgurlz show – The Ladybears of Leeds (you can check us out on our Facebook page for our wherebouts and booking enquires) in exotic places such as The Sun Hotel in #gaybradford and The Viaduct in somewhere I rarely mention #gayleeds.

We also cross into other Gay territories like Manchester to perform at the REM bar, Blackpool for Pride and Liverpool at the Masquerade bar. Now I say touring, but Kimbearly and I usually spend more time touring the local pasty shops than we do the actual venues that have booked us! hahaha

Where else can you catch my ever decreasing (I’m dieting) cuddliness? Well I’m at The Viaduct Showbar on alternative Mondays for Kandyfloss, every Wednesday night with your chance to win at ‘Mamma’s Gaymes’ and also at Propaganda Bar in #gayhull on alternative Saturdays.

Also keep your paws peeled for other events further afield, but take your passports because they’re out of #gayyorkshire.

Oh did I mention I still do ever other Fri-Gay at Blayds Bar in #gayleeds, so have the Gin at the ready. Don’t forget I’m also doing ever other Friday in #gaybradford down at Candy Nightclub.

Keep your eyes peeled for another exciting night I’ll be part of, further details will be posted soon!

I also don’t think I’ve mentioned the multi ‘Owlie awards’ I was presented with this year!? Hahaha. Thankyou again for everyone who voted for me, it means a great deal that you enjoy and love what Mamma Bear does for you. Big warm hugs.

Right I’m off to pack some more sizzling summer hot Mamma clothes, Mamma is off to Gran Canaria for Maspalomas Pride 2017 in exactly one month’s time, cue happy clappy bear paws!

P.S What do you think of my little name change to Mamma Bear? Yes I was the artist formally known as Mamma Coil and now embracing my warm cuddly nature calling myself MAMMA BEAR.

Keep the love and lets party xxx