The Freedom Bridge: The city speaks (Leeds)

Freedom Bridge - LGBT - Gay Yorkshire
Freedom Bridge is slowly taking shape!!!

The Freedom Bridge begins!

The Freedom Bridge at the Heart of Leeds LGBT district is slowly taking shape, glam with colour and a beacon for the hard work and dedication of the community. After all, working hard to fund raise to paint the rather gloomy looking bridge which arches the sector is testament to the hard work and determination of Thomas Wales. With his drive combined with the generous people of our small, yet tight-knit group.

Whereas many welcomed the paintwork, and the newly reformed look of a once tatty bridge, there were many faces of harsh criticism and age old, rather archaic views. Whereas the comments and overall discussion was polite the overall post content was somewhat alarming.

Fighting for Freedom

I am pretty sure that the community didn’t need a bridge painted in bright colours to understand who they are. I know I don’t need a bridge painted to symbolise who I chose to love.

Upon reading the comments on the post many of them centred around pandering to rights and right wing facists. Such a strong position in society that we still have to fight in order to receive equality even now in our society. Seemingly a general consensus is that the bridge should be painted white, blue and gold, as this is a true representation of Leeds. “Pandering” to the odd ball groups, another harsh comment from another.

Upon reflection however, and the response to such interesting views on the bridge itself, I found myself surrounded by naturally concerned people. Concerned to how someone could have such a negative, blinkered view on society. I found it even more amusing that alot of these people  “muted” when challenged.

The Freedom Bridge is a symbol of how we, as a group work hard and support each other. It is a symbol for me of the pride I feel knowing how close our community is. A symbol that not everyone has the same views as others, and many congratulated and welcomed the bridge revamp.

We know that acceptance is what we would love to have, and we know it may be in the distance. To know the great Leeds community are behind the Freedom Bridge project is uplifting and heartwarming. With comments calling it inspiring, colourful and the occasional humourous “It wont stop pigeons banter”.

What are your thoughts on the new Freedom Bridge? We are covering it over on our Twitter page, so check out there for further updates and progress!