What’s in a Label?

What’s in a label?

It occurred to me recently that a lot of people are getting sick of being labelled, particularly within the LGB&T* community, this got me thinking (and don’t worry my head won’t explode).

Why does it seem that there is an ever increasing opposition from the LGB&T* community about being labelled as being part of a particular sexual or gender identity?

Identity is key to our very being and it’s an essential part of our character and who we are.

It’s often a misguided notion that being labelled is a bad thing, for instance if you was labelled as being “good in the sack” and pardon my crudeness (I do mean in a animal passion sense and not in the school sports day sense) then that label would be seen as a good thing, wouldn’t it?

You could therefore argue that being labelled as being gay, lesbian, bisexual, curious, trans* or anything else along the sexuality or gender spectrum could also be a positive thing. It’s an identity, granted it’s often not the be all and end all of an individual but it does make up a large percentage of that person.

One does not generally go through life being asexual, our sex and gender does impact our lives immensely. Our gender influences us and our sexual thoughts really do take up a large chunk of our time.

Being “Scene” is not a bad thing

Now you may be wondering where I am going with this, but please bear with me. What I’m trying to say is that being known as being a member of the LGBT community is not a bad thing, nor is it a bad thing to go to LGBT scene bars, clubs, social groups and the like.

Yes we are all humans, even those slumped in the penny and mission at kicking out time In the death hours of Sunday morning and yes even DJ Degsie is human too, but part of what makes us so unique and individual is our varying sexual preferences and in some cases our gender identity. This is as important in making us who we are as is our jobs, careers, upbringing and education.

Before we start criticising labels, before we start a crusade against them remember that when you’re wearing your designer label clothes and heading to see that person you have labelled as a cracking DJ in that place you have labelled as a proper good Club for that night out with those you have labelled as friends, then remember labels are everywhere.

I’m off for a Coke or a Pepsi, see labels!