Good Riddance!

Happy New Year, what can only be described as one of the oddest years of the Noughties is finally over! Hello 2017, please can you be kind to us?

After a crazy 2016, Honey G (you say, Honey, I say- when she brings out that tune it’s so gonna be my ringtone), Ed Balls, Brexit, David Cameron stepping down, the loss of Tony Warren, Alan Rickman, David Gest, Prince and Acid-tongued Big brother legend Pete burns (Plus many more LGBT advocates), we were all like “Come on 2016, stop kicking us in the nuts”. Then the real gripping storyline of the soap opera that is 2016 hit: Trump VS Clinton, Who wins America decides!

I’ll be honest, when we were electing the new Prime Minister in 2015 I barely even knew the candidates’ names let alone their policies but when it comes to the U.S electing a new President I know more about Hilary and Donald than I do some of my closest friends. It was a gripping tale of scandal, dirty tactics and sordid secrets (not the iconic Miss Sordid host in the Bridge LGBT Bar in #gayleeds). It made an episode of Hollyoaks look like in the night garden and I was hooked!

The question is did the right person win? Were you #TeamClinton or #TeamTrump? Hypothetically if you were a U.S citizen who would you have voted for and would it have been the right decision?

Statistics show that the pink vote inevitably went to Hilary (let’s face it we all love a good diva who’s face never moves) and boy around 77% of the LGBT community voted for Hilary! Clinton was promising to Support LGBT youth, parents, elders, fight for an AIDS-free generation, protect Transgender rights and promote human rights of LGBT people around the world. Hillary also championed legislation to address hate crimes, fight for non-discrimination legislation to protect LGBT Americans in the workplace and was an advocate to end the restrictions that blocked LGBT Americans from adopting children and also updated the State Department’s policy so that transgender individuals’ passports reflect their true gender.

Clinton and her electoral party painted her as some kind of goddess to the LGBT community and Trump was portrayed as the Anti-Christ. The Donald did not make LGBT issues his main priority in the US election. He did however promise “as your President I will do everything, in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from violence and oppression of a hateful ideology, believe me”.

I know what some of you are thinking after Hilary driveled on and on is that all he had to say? He did, however, have 147 other policies that would not only affect the LGBT Citizens for the better but the whole of the U.S.A. Things such as lowering taxes, focusing on suicide prevention services, better support for women veterans, making U.S energy independent therefore creating millions of jobs for all and making clean water a priority.

The above are all major matters that apparently needed addressing. Perhaps the LGBT community needs to look at the bigger picture and not just what affects our own community? Also, how can you not love Trump? His skin colour is the same as most gay men’s was when they first started experimenting with fake tan (St Moritz £2.99 for 2 litres from home bargains).

I’m not saying Trump should have won, I’m not saying Hilary should have won. In the long run, only time will tell not only how Trump winning the election affects the American LGBT community but how Trump winning affects the whole world. No matter what gender, age or sexual orientation, it is bound to affect us all somehow and if Hilary had won I would be making the exact same statement.

Let’s face it, it’s politics so most of what any politicians have said will probably never happen (or will be reversed if it does). Politicians and nappies have one thing in common; they are both full of shit.

So good riddance 2016 and hello 2017 the year of the massive trump!

By Gay Yorkshire’s Lee Mears.