Religion, how to lose a son in 2 minutes!

Religion, how to lose a son in 2 mins

I don’t often say religion can be the “root” of evil. However it often is, or at least used as a smokescreen for often cruel, and unjustified behaviour by us as adults.

Two young men, ready to take the next step in their relationship. A lifelong commitment by two loving consenting adults. However, two men within our backwards society committing to spend life together is not the social norm.

What does religion have to do with anything!?

When i viewed Chris and Grants video, I was quite saddened that people still have this stance within society. Religion and religious beliefs of parents, warranting justification to miss their sons most precious day. The sheer look of sadness in his eyes, combined with the stern and firm stance from his parents saddens me. “I have had these beliefs my whole life, and nothing is going to change”. You would think society would move with the times, and have an open and welcoming personality.

Obviously this isn’t the case.

Breaking ties

Heres the video, whats your thoughts? We would love to hear from you!

When and if the world embraces love is love, regardless of sexual orientation is without a doubt something i feel will not happen in my life time. We all know that life is never simple, and love is never easy. Especially when you are torn between the love of your parents, and the love of your life partner. If I could take a few thoughts from this I would say some of the following:-

  • Why does his parents state their love for their child, yet state that it has to be “this way”?
  • Who is going to be there to fill that void he will leave?

I just hope this guy moves on, and learns to accept that his parents are clearly living in the dark ages. It’s sad fact that the world will always exist with such negative views on same sex love, masked by the word “religion”. As if life wasn’t difficult enough for him to approach the subject so close to his heart. With the emotion clearly etched on his face. I found it quite interesting when he asked her “Do you want to lose your child over religion?”. Her response astonished and saddened me. Especially as the thought of myself being a mother and having that unconditional love inside me. The unconditional love which disappeared in a second due the teachings of a book.

Words by Kirsty Marks