Touchstone (Leeds)

The Community Development Team promote the strengths of BME Communities. They don’t just talk about problems, needs and barriers.

They help people understand facts about mental health and enable people to understand what it means to them! They cut through the jargon and talk about real life.

Practical support is given to people so they can make improvements for themselves. Support is given to services and communities to understand mental health needs.

The Community Development Team enable BME communities to feel more confident at helping people in distress. They promote equality for e.g. accessing and the rights to services.

Better Together East Leeds Health For All Team support people from local communities with mental health needs. They provide a range of activities on a weekly basis, these activities include:

* Magic Mondays
* Plan 2 Change
* Job Club
* Breakfast Club
* Weight Management Peer Support Group
* Advice/Support drop in
* Zumba
*Saturday Walking Group.
Please look in files for more info.

Visit their website HERE!