Being transgender – Interview with Natasza Caddick

So this week I interviewed Natasza Caddick, and young and blossoming lady with a keen talent for writing and vlogging about her experiences as a transgender woman. Having just turned 18, and now entering the adult world she had a few words to tell Gay Yorkshire about her experiences & her writing. As well as how she coaches and encourages young adults to be themselves and fulfill their potential.

1. When did u first realise you were born in the wrong body ?

I have always felt very different about my body but it was at the age of about 11 that I really started taking notice because of puberty before then I had had experiences of body dysphoria and had felt different.

2.How supportive has your mum being when you told her?

My mum has been very supportive in my decision to transition.

3. How do you approach the subject when people talk to you about being transgender and how do you explain your experiences?

I tell them that I am a girl in the wrong body which is true.

4. If you could coach or mentor another child living within a similar experience as you, what advice would you give them?
I’d tell them to stay strong because life gets better as you progress through transition.
5. You’re a keen writer, and blogger. How do your experiences (if any) transpire into your work?
Because my experiences of bullying in the past help make me be able to get the message across to other trans people.