The all-in-one male playsuit is here (Fashion)

A ‘Kickstarter’ group is officially making the male playsuit a MASSIVE fashion trend with their ‘RompHim’

FASHION is constantly trying to surprise shoppers with unexpected styles and looks.

Trends from decades ago make an appearance in our everyday looks and sometimes we even surprise ourselves with what we decide to wear.

However, we’ve never seen anything like this before.

ACED Design has taken fashion to a whole new level as they have set up their own Kickstarter for their new ‘RompHim’.
‘What is a RompHim?’ we hear you ask.

Well, in short, it can be described as a playsuit for males.
On their ‘Kickstarter’ page, Alex, Chip, Elaine and Daniel have explained: “We spent countless hours designing the ‘RompHim‘ to be your favourite summer outfit. Concerts? beach days? Rooftops? Pool parties? Leisurely strolls? Bar patios? This super-garment is designed to take them all on in style, keeping you cool as the days and nights heat up”.

Well, when they put it like that, well when put like that the team at #gayyorkshire are not surprised how many people love them. The group set up the ‘Kickstarter’ page with the aim to get a pledged of £7,712 to fund their ‘fashion revolution’.

However, with just under a month left, the guys have already received £106914,54 from 1232 backers – and counting.
The specially designed items feature a front shirt pocket, adjustable waist tabs, back pocket with zip, a zip fly and deep front pockets.

Luckily for guys, peeing in playsuits will never be as hard as it is for girls.

Believe it or not, this idea was actually thought of over a few drinks.

The group explained: “We were sitting around over drinks one evening and got to talking about the men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate..too fratty…too “runway”… or too basic…
“The more we thought about it, the more we realised that a romper hit all of these attributes – it’s unique, fashionable, cool and very wearable.”
With that amount of pledges, we’d be surprised if you didn’t start seeing the ‘RompHim’ around this summer.