10 inches of…Mark Hibbert (Rugby Player)

We got down and dirty with Leeds Hunters RUFC all-inclusive rugby player Mark. As we were in the scrum he gave us his 10 inches…

1) Describe yourself in three words:

MH) Proud, Humble, Yorkshireman.

2) The love of your life?

MH) My partner Ben (closely followed by Her Majesty the Queen).

3) Your typical Saturday night?

MH) Post match drinks with the rugby team, I’m usually found lip-syncing in The Viaduct Showbar to Disney’s Frozen soundtrack.

4) Best ever moment?

MH) Every time I walk out of Greggs with a bacon sarnie and a coffee for just £2 – literally some of life’s best moments on a cold Winter’s morning!

5) Describe your sexuality:

MH) Gay.

6) The best thing about your body?

MH) The fact it hasn’t packed up yet despite my terrible diet.

7) Holiday Heaven?

MH) Sat outside a café in some European city watching the world go by.

8) Holiday Hell?

MH) An all-inclusive watching some crap tribute act every evening surrounded drunk parents and screaming kids!

9) What’s Hot?

MH) A crisp, well fitted suit on a guy.

10) What’s Not?

MH) Arrogance and self-importance.

Quick-fire Round:

QF1) Summer or Winter?

MH) Summer.

QF2) Love or Lust?

MH) Love.

QF3) Dogs or Cats?

MH) Dogs all the way!

QF4) TV or Radio?


QF5) Home or Away?

MH) Home



QF7) Cinema or Netflix?

S) Netflix.

You can find out more about The Leeds LGBT Hunters RUFC at their very own website right HERE!