10 inches of…PJ Gardner (Nightclub DJ)

PJ is a DJ that is well known on the #gayleeds scene. He’s played at venues and events like Club Mission, Tunnel Leeds, Leeds LGBT Pride and Bar Fibre just to name a few. We caught up with PJ so that he could give us 10 inches…

1) Describe yourself in three words:

PJ) A bit mental.

2) The love of your life?

PJ) Music.

3) Your typical Saturday night?I love a good Saturday night out on the #gayleeds scene:

PJ) Best forgotten!

4) Best ever moment?

PJ) Winning an Owlie at the LGBT Leeds Awards. haha

5) Describe your sexuality:

PJ) I think I could love anyone if all the factors were right.

6) The best thing about your body?

PJ) My ears, I’d be lost without them.

7) Holiday Heaven?

PJ) Ibiza.

8. Holiday Hell?

PJ) Anywhere too full of English tourists.

9) What’s Hot?

PJ) Teatro at Club Mission, its a brand new clubbing concept featuring some quirky entertainment and a world-class DJ line up, really exciting times!

10) What’s Not?

PJ) India from Celebrity Big Brother.

Quick-fire Round:

QF1) Summer or Winter?

PJ) Summer.

QF2) Monogamy or Promiscuity?

PJ) Promiscuity.

QF3) Dogs or Cats?

PJ) Dogs.

QF4) TV or Radio?


QF5) Home or Away?

PJ) Home.

QF6)Day or Night?

PJ) Night.


QF7) Love or Lust?

PJ) Love.