10 inches of…Timothy Crossley (Leeds Gay Men)

Leeds man Timothy is a fun-loving key member of the Leeds Gay Men (LGM) Social group, we stopped Timothy from dancing and drinking on the Leeds gay scene long enough so that he could give us his 10 inches…

1) Describe yourself in three words:

TC) Fat, middle-aged and bald.

2) The love of your life?

TC) Eurovision, obviously!

3) Your typical Saturday night?I love a good Saturday night out on the scene in Leeds.

TC) I love a good Saturday night out in #gayleeds.

4) Best ever moment?

TC) The day me and the LGM boys dragged up for Benidorm Pride.

5) Describe your sexuality:

TC) Just grateful for anything.

6) The best thing about your body?

TC) The best thing about my body is 30 years in the past … my backside!

7) Holiday Heaven?

TC) Benidorm, Old Town.

8. Holiday Hell?

TC) Anywhere cold or where you have to do sporting activities.

9) What’s Hot?

TC) I like anyone who is easy to get along with and likes to have a good time (and doesn’t scratch themselves!).

10) What’s Not?

TC) Smoking.

Quick-fire Round:

QF1) Summer or Winter?

TC) Summer.

QF2) Monogamy or Promiscuity?

TC) Promiscuity, please!

QF3) Dogs or Cats?

TC) Cats (I work full-time).

QF4) TV or Radio?

TC) Podcasts (it’s the new radio!) Although I wouldn’t ever miss an episode of Coach Trip.

QF5) Home or Away?

TC) Hotel, ideally abroad!

QF6)Day or Night?

TC) Day.


QF7) Starter or Dessert?

TC) Specifically Prawn Cocktail, I was a teenager of the 70’s!